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Attention Boutiques, Artists, and Stylists! Elevate your creations and be part of the sartorial celebration at Off The Rack, a dynamic runway show during Baltimore Fashion Week. This event is exclusively devoted to your unique fashions, offering a platform for your designs to shine.

Off The Rack is not just a runway show; it's a curated experience that brings together the best of boutique styles, artistic expressions, and cutting-edge styling. As a participant, you have the opportunity to showcase your distinctive vision with the support of approved models provided by Baltimore Fashion Week. These models are the canvas for your artistic expression, ensuring a seamless fusion of your designs with professional presentation.

This is your chance to captivate an audience with your fashion-forward creations and make a lasting impact on the fashion scene. Off The Rack invites you to be part of a runway event that celebrates diversity, innovation, and the artistry that sets boutiques, artists, and stylists apart. Join us in shaping the narrative of fashion at Baltimore Fashion Week and let your designs take center stage!

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