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Focused - Poised - Community Driven

Support Baltimore Fashion Week, an event representing creativity and innovation in Maryland's fashion landscape since its inception in June 2006, with its first event launching in August 2008.  As the state's premier fashion event, it offers a pivotal platform for designers, connecting local talent to the global fashion industry.  By supporting and participating in Baltimore Fashion Week, a contribution is made to the Fashion Umbrella Foundation, supporting its mission, established in 2013, to empower and educate individuals from diverse backgrounds.  This foundation is committed to nurturing creativity and innovative problem-solving within the community, focusing on youth and grassroots educational, entrepreneurial, and arts initiatives. 


Join us in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where fashion and cultural enrichment flourish.  Support Baltimore Fashion Week and invest in a future where fashion inspires and creates real change.



MODEL: Christine House

Photographer: Mikael Aaron

EVENT CIRCA: Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 - Season 4

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